Financial policies (Bachelors and Masters)


Resgistration and enrollment costs
System of payments and costs
Financial assistance
Methods of payment
Refund policy
Payment for incomplete courses
Cost of transcript requests

FLET University is a non-profit Christian ministry solely supported by its students and contributions made voluntarily by individuals, churches and foundations.  FLET does not accept any funds conditioned by a particular theology or ideology determined by the donor’s interest.

Resgistration and enrollment costs

To receive certification as a FLET University student, the student must register directly with Miami’s international office or through an authorized representative. The amount of money to be paid varies according to the program of studies selected.  If you wish to receive more information, communicate directly to the FLET offices in Miami.

Prices per credit hour



Bachelor and Diploma


Master (USA, Canada, Puerto Rico)


Master (other countries)


Annual registration costs

Registration (as individual)


Registration (in group)


Church affiliation


Other Costs (documents)

Certificate (graduation)


Diploma (graduation)


Bachelor and Master (graduation)


Transcript evaluation (not registered as student)


Additional transcripts

US$  5

Duplicate of diploma


Exam (repeated after failed)


        Undergraduate program  
If the student is studying in the traditional manner, with printed textbooks, he or she will need to purchase the texts in the nearest Christian bookstore, or by mail, telephone, or online. (See the links on the first English home page: home )    
     Graduate program  
For Masters courses, some of the texts are sold and distributed by the FLET office. The student must contact the office to ask for the materials.   
BI 501 Análisis exegético de los evangelios  
          Guía de estudio, Mariano Ávila US$20
BI 502 Naturaleza de la inspiración y la teología  
          Guía de estudio, Gerald Nyenhuis US$20
RE 503 Comunicaciones y metodología de investigación.  
          Guía de estudio, Richard Ramsay US$12
          Cómo se escribe, María Serafini US$20
          Manual de estilo, Mario Llerena US$11.99
TP 504 Filosofía y teología de la educación.   US$29.99
          Guía de estudio, Larry McCullough US$20
          Enseñando para cambiar vidas,
          Howard Hendricks.
BI 506 Principios de la exposición bíblica. , y  US$35.99
         Guía de estudio, Mariano Ávila US$25
         La predicación bíblica, 
         Haddon Robinson
TP 603  El mandato evangelístico de la iglesia. US$35
         Guía de estudio, César Vega,  US$14
         Cómo sembrar iglesias, CBP US$15.50
          El plan supremo de la evangelización,
      Internet courses  
The costs for Internet courses is the same as for the courses taken by the traditional book method. The only difference is that for most of the courses, instead of purchasing the book in a bookstore, it is sold along with the online course in electronic form. The cost of each electronic text is US$ 5.  US$5 per electronic text




 1.      FLET University reserves the right to change its fees whenever necessary. 

2.      The cost of registration pays expenses incurred by FLET University to register the student, offer educational services, supervise studies, and to send and evaluate exams.

3.      Undergraduate students must pay annual registration fees. Graduate students are exempt from annual registration fees.

4.      Shipping costs will be charged for all special (urgent) orders. 

5.      FLET University will not grant degrees for programs completed to any student with outstanding fees.

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System of payments and costs

All payments are due at the time of registration before beginning the courses, in American dollars, except in those countries in which FLET University has national accounts like Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Venezuela, and Chile, where you can make deposits in your own national currency (see Methods of Payment).

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Financial assistance

Although the costs of FLET University are already subsidized at 60%, there is a possibility of further financial aid. For more information, please contact the FLET representative in your country or the FLET office in Miami.

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Methods of payment

1.      Payment may be made with Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express credit cards (outside the U.S., international cards must be used).

2.      All payments should be made to FLET University in U.S. dollars by checks drawn on a U.S. bank, a postal money order or a bank draft. An additional processing fee will be charged for a returned check.

3.      National deposits can be made in the FLET accounts in the following countries:




Account Number

Name of Account


Corporación Davivienda


Asoc. Editorial Buena Semilla


Banco Mercantil


Jacobo García Miranda



Sucursal Cancún


Ramón Celis Gamboa


Banco de Crédito e Inversiones

401 677 39

Roberto Henríquez


Banco del Ejército


FLET Guatemala

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 Refund policy

All registration fees will be fully refunded to students withdrawing before the third week of classes since the date of their application. The student should request the refund in writing for it to be given.  Proof of payment will be required. 

Payments for courses will not be transferred to other students after the third week. After the third week, refunds will only be granted for exceptional circumstances. In case of such circumstances, the student should send a written application with his explanation to the academic dean of FLET. 

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Payment for incomplete courses

If a student has not fulfilled the requirements for a course by the maximum time allowed (a total of 6 or 8 months, including the extension, for undergraduate or graduate students, respectively), he must register and pay for the course again (see Policy for Incomplete Courses in Academic Policies).

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Cost of transcript requests

The first transcript will be issued free.  Additional transcripts require a $5.00 fee to be sent with the request.  An extra $15.00 will be charged for urgent transcripts, which will be sent the same day of the request.  Students with outstanding (student account) debts with FLET cannot receive their transcripts (see also Transcripts in Academic Policies).

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