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Full Time Faculty  (Miami)


            Ricardo Crane

            B.A. Covenant College - Psychology and Bible

            M.Div. Covenant Theological Seminary

            D.Min. studies Westminster Theological Seminary

            Instituto Chileno Terapia Familiar - Terapista de Sistemas Familiares

Ricardo was born and raised in Chile as the son of a missionary family. After his theological studies in the United States, he returned to Chile to serve as pastor, church-planter, counselor, and professor during more than 23 years. He founded PEPP (Programa para en Entrenamiento en Psicología Pastoral) in Santiago. He also worked heavily with Marriage Encounter. He came to Miami in 2003 to work as professor of FLET and director of the counseling department. He is one of the authors of Psicología general. He is married to Robyn, and they have three children: Janette, Susana, y Daniel.

          Larry McCullough

            M.A. Trinity Evangelical Divinity School – Missions, 1971

            D.Min. Luther Rice Seminary – Religious Education, 1979

Post-doctoral studies University of South Carolina –

            Educational Administration

Larry has vast experience as professor and administrator. He was professor of education in Columbia International University for 12 years, and director of the extension program for the same institution during 11 years. He was dean of continued education for Trinity International University, president of Trinity Institute of Biblical Studies, and vice-president of continued education at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School  for three years. He was president of Miami Christian College (now Trinity International University of South Florida) for two years, and president of Northwest Baptist College and Seminary for four years. He came to Miami in 2000 to be academic dean of Universidad FLET, and is now president and academic dean. He is married to Ruth, and they have three children: Michael, Daniel, y Rebecca. 


Richard Ramsay 

            B.A. University of Kansas – German, 1970

            M.Div. Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, 1974

            Th.M. Covenant Theological Seminary, St. Louis – Apologetics, 1982

            D.Min. Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia – Missions, 1992

Richard was a missionary for 21 years in Chile, working as professor, pastor, and church-planter. He was married in Chile to María Angélica, and they have two children: Nicolas and Melany. He came to Miami in 1999 to work as a FLET professor. He is director of the department of Systematic Theology and director of the Internet Project. He is the author of: ¿Cuán bueno debo ser?, A Su imagen, Exploremos Génesis (co-autor), Católicos y protestantes, and Integridad intelectual.



      Roberto Simons  

            B.S. Carnegie-Mellon University - Physics

            M.A. Denver Theological Seminary - Bible

            Ph.D. candidate Bristol University

Bob was a missionary in Colombia for 19 years, dedicated to theological education by extension among the pastors and leaders in the southern part of the country. He came to Universidad FLET  in 2003, and is director of the Bible department and assistant academic dean. He is author of Exploremos Hechos. He married Espranza in Colombia, and they have two children: Jon y Alexandra.


Internacional Faculty

Mariano Ávila / USA

            Lic. Seminario Teológico "Juan Calvino" – Theology, 1975

            Th.M., Calvin Theological Seminary – Theology, 1980

            M.A., Temple University – History, 1991

            Ph.D., Westminster Theological Seminary – Hermeneutics and Biblical

            Interpretation, 1996

            Ph.D. (candidate) Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana – Social Sciences

William Castaño / Colombia

            Lic. Universidad Santo Tomás - Philosophy and Religious Sciences, 1997

            Lic. Seminario Teológico Bautista Internacional - Theology, 1988

            Magister en Teología -  Seminario Teológico Bautista, 1991

Wilson Celleri / USA

            Lic., Universidad FLET – Biblical Studies, 2000

            M.D., Universidad de Guayaquil, 1968

Felipe Cortés / Chile

            Lic. Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile – Psicología, 1992

            Diplomado en Dirección y Administración de Recursos Humanos –

                        Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, 1996

Antonio Cruz

            Lic. Universidad de Barcelona - Biology, 1979

            Universidad de Barcelona - Doctorate in Biology, 1990

            Catedrático de Ciencias Naturales - Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia,

                        Barcelona, 1982

            Research biologist, Centro de Recursos de Biodiversidad Animal -

                        Universidad de Barcelona, 1991

Salvador Dellutri / Argentina

            Diploma en Biblia y Teología - Instituto Bíblico Jorge Muller, 1978

            Estudios avanzados - Universidad de Buenos Aires

Joaquin Pastor Fernandez, Colombia

            Lic. Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano - Agronomy, 1988

            Maestría en Teología - Seminario Bíblico de Colombia, 1993

César García Pinilla, Colombia

            Lic. Seminario Bíblico de Colombia - Theology, 1998

            Studies in Psychology - Universidad Nacional de Colombia, 1993

Roberto Kasper / Guatemala

            Th.M. Dallas Theological Seminary - Missions, 1979

            M.Ed. University of Texas - Educational Administration, 1991

            Ed.D. University of Texas - Administration of Higher Education, 1996

René Agustín López / USA

            B.A. Trinity International University - Bible / Human Resources, 1995

            Th.M. Dallal Theological Seminary - Pastoral Ministries, 1998

Eduardo Martínez Díaz / Colombia

            Lic. Universidad Santo Tomás -Economics

            Maestría en Teología y Biblia - Seminario Bíblico de Colombia, 1986

Fernando Abilio Mosquera / Colombia

            Lic. Seminario Bíblico Bautista -Theology, 1980

            Maestría en Teología - Seminario Bíblico Bautista, 1989

Gerald Nyenhuis / México

            B.A. Calvin College –Psychology, 1951

            B.A. Calvin College –Philosophy, 1958

            B.D. Calvin Theological Seminary – Theology, 1962

            M.Div. Calvin Theological Seminary – Theology, 1978

            M.A. Universidad de las Américas – Spanish Philology, 1972

            Ph.D. Universidad Iberoamericana – Spanish Literature, 1984

Norberto Quesada / Cuba

            Lic. Seminario Bíblico de Colombia - Bible and Theology, 1994

            Masters studies - Universidad FLET, 2001-2002

            Doctoral studies Universidad Central Las Villas - Philosophy

Randall Spacht / USA

            B.A. Asbury Theological Seminary - Math - High School Education

            M.A.R. Asbury Theological Seminary - Biblical Literature, 1976

            Th.D. University of Toronto - New Testament (thesis in process)

Leslie Thompson / USA

            Ph.D. (candidate), University of Wales, Bangor – Education

Alberto Valdés / USA

            B.S. Miami Christian College – Bible, 1982

            Th.M. Dallas Theological Seminary – Christian Education, 1987

César Vega / USA

            B.A. Columbia International University – Bible, 1971

            M.A. Columbia International University – Missions, 1976

            M.A. Columbia International University – Bible, 1985

            D.Min. Florida Center of Theological Studies, 1993

Gloria Isabel Villa  / Colombia

            Lic. Universidad Nacional de Colombia - Civil Engineering, 1994

            Magister en Teología y Biblia - Seminario Bíblico de Colombia, 1998

Juan Wagenveld / USA

            B.A. Dordt College - Theology, 1991

            M.A. Calvin Theological Seminary - Missions and Church Growth, 1994

            D.Min. (candidate) Trinity Evangelical Divinity School - Doctorate in

                        Missions and Missiology