September 1, 2004



During the Summer Olympics, that have ended just this past weekend, we witnessed hundreds of athletes from around the world who arrived in Athens with a dream in their hearts.  It was exciting to see so many talented men and women – going for the “gold” and struggling to realize their dreams.


As Christians we have an added dimension to our dreams: God’s will for us as individuals and members of His body.  He gives us dreams that excite and challenge us, just as the dreams the Olympic competitors had; but the dreams God puts in our hearts also have the potential to transform lives and change the course of human history because of the power of the Gospel.


In the Old Testament, Joseph’s brothers accused Joseph of being a dreamer.  The book of Genesis records for us that Joseph was a patient man of action.  We do not want to remain merely dreamers if God is sending a message through the dream and He expects us to take action.  There is no contradiction between “putting feet to our prayers” and acting in confidence and faith on goals and dreams that God places in our hearts.


Personally, dreams intrigue me.  During my lifetime, I’ve had some great dreams.  I enjoy dreaming, or thinking about future possibilities.  The challenge is to develop a strategic plan that takes into account current realities, and a vision of what God can and wants to do in our lives and ministries.


As we desire to do God’s will, we all have needs for which we have to trust God. As we make our plans, we pray for the long-range goals and dreams God has given us.


Our vision at FLET University is the realization of such a dream as expressed in our Mission Statement:  “To provide academic theological and biblical education for the Spanish-speaking world by means of distance learning.”  As we go about providing this training, we are helping to fulfill the Great Commission by preparing servant leaders for effective Kingdom service.


In fulfilling this purpose, FLET aligns itself with the purpose of Christ for His Church to disciple the nations.  Our role in achieving the task of discipling the nations is to equip as many servant leaders (professionals and lay people) as possible to live godly lives and serve God effectively.



The primary means for achieving the purposes of FLET are:

·        Providing accredited education and training through distance learning or extension education alternatives.

·        Equipping leaders for ministry in the present world reality.

·        Graduating (training) students who will be able to go out and do what God has asked them to do.

·        Trusting God to provide necessary funding through people like you so that we can continue to follow our dream.


During these early days of September, scores of new students will be beginning their studies with FLET – following through on their dream of ministry preparation.  Hundreds of FLET students continue their studies this fall, with the goal of receiving their diplomas or degrees during this next year.  But the most important goal is to be used by God in His service.  For many, they dream of winning people to Christ, and discipling them to impact the communities where they live.  Still others dream of serving God as a missionary in another country and culture.


God is giving us unique opportunities to provide training to hundreds of Spanish-speaking Christians.  You have the opportunity and privilege of investing in students who will have a Great Commission impact.  One of our many financial needs is the transferring of selected courses to an online format.  Please consider using the return response envelope to indicate your intention to participate with us.  You may make checks payable to FLET.  And, please don’t forget to pray for us and the hundreds of FLET students, who are acting on their dream.


May God encourage your heart today and give you wisdom, peace, patience, and joy!



Larry McCullough