Bible Courses

BI 501 An Exegetical Analysis of the Gospels

This course offers the student an in-depth understanding of the Gospels.  It entails a study of their content, their historical background, the different approaches used to study them in church history, and their exegesis and interpretation.  The student will also explore the use of the Gospels for diverse ministries in the church.

BI 701 Greek as an Exegetical Tool

The students will comprehend the benefit, limits and use of the Greek language as an exegetical tool.  They will learn how to use tools such as the lexicon, the linguistic key, the analytical concordance, and the interlinear Greek New Testament. They will also learn basic aspects of Greek grammar, including morphology, syntax, and basic vocabulary.  The students will be better prepared to do a serious and precise exegesis of the New Testament, and will gain more confidence in the process of interpretation.