Systematic Theology Courses

TP 504 Philosophy of Christian Education

The student will learn fundamental concepts of the philosophy of Christian education from some of the following sources: the Bible, influential and significant figures in the history of education, and contemporary theories of learning. 

TP 601 Principles of Teaching the Bible

This course explores the spiritual and psychological dynamics of effective Bible teaching and the principles of learning and teaching.  The student will explore creative and diverse teaching methods as well as apply his/her philosophy of Christian education in actual teaching situations with children, adolescents and adults.  The student will also develop the conviction of communicating Biblical truth with precision, clarity, relevance, and practicality.

TP 603 The Evangelistic Mandate for the Church

The student will understand the evangelistic mandate of the church, with reference to questions such as: What mandate has God given the church?  Who should fulfill it?  How should they fulfill it? What resources do we have to accomplish it?  What role do the Persons of the Trinity play in the mission?  As a result, the student will grow in his desire to fulfill the mandate of the church and in his dedication to help others fulfill it.

 TP 604 The Structure and Ministries of the Church

The student will learn how to structure, direct, and motivate a local church with a view to fulfilling the Scriptural purposes for the same. 

TP 704 Practical Biblical Counseling

The student will learn fundamental principles of pastoral counseling with a special emphasis on the dynamics of family and marriage.  He/she will learn to respond to issues that demand counseling in the congregation and in the ministry of the pastor, including questions such as divorce and remarriage.  The course will also prepare the Christian worker to face common ministry problems and will involve him/her in the practice of counseling under pastoral and/or academic supervision.