Historical Background



The first courses of study which later became Universidad FLET were initiated by her mother organization, LOGOI, in 1968, under the leadership of Rev. Les Thompson. LOGOI (meaning "words" in Greek) is a missionary and educational organization, dedicated to biblical and spiritual nurturing of the evangelical leadership in Latin America. The educational branch of LOGOI became FLET, Facultad Latinoamericana de Estudios Teológicos (Latin American Faculty of Theological Studies).

As they saw the need for studies on a higher academic level, FLET developed a complete curriculum at the Bachelors level. In 2000, FLET began to offer all of their programs for academic credit and initiated the Masters program. FLET received accreditation by DETC (Distance Education and Training Council) in mid 2003, and officially became "Universidad FLET".

Finally, LOGOI decided that FLET would function better as an independent institution, and since January of 2004, FLET continues with its own board of directors and legal corportation.