July 30, 2004


Dear Friends,


First, I want to share some good news with you.  Because of the generous giving of interested friends, the financial goal for our year-end (June 30th) was met.  We are grateful to God for His timely provision through many of you.


Last month, I wrote you about the recent graduation ceremony in Venezuela.  For the past four years, FLET has been involved in training Christian teachers to teach Bible and ethics (moral values) in the public schools there.  Yes, you heard correctly!  Currently, Venezuelan law permits religion and values to be taught in the schools, but teachers must be “certified” as having been properly trained for this effort.


Universidad FLET was invited by ANACEV – the national association of Christian educators in Venezuela – to provide a special 10-course curriculum.  To date, FLET has graduated 100 of these teachers.  A few pastors and evangelists have participated in the training as well. This is a tremendous, open mission field.  Reports are so encouraging as children and youth throughout the country are hearing about the Good News of Jesus Christ and God’s plan for living a life pleasing to Him, many for the very first time.


Let me introduce you to Mariette de Sanchez (see picture on the side), president of ANACEV.  She is pictured here with her husband, Ner, who pastors a large church in Caracas.  Both of them graduated from FLET with their Bachelor’s degrees.  Ner also serves as a group facilitator and mentor for many of our students in Caracas.  She is one of the most influential Christian women in Venezuela.              From left to right: Rev. Ner Sánchez, Mariette de Sánchez, and Dr. Larry




14540 SW 136 Street, Suite 202, Miami, FL 33186

Ph: 305.378.87.00/ Fax: 305.232.5832



During my recent visit there, I had opportunity to meet and plan with the Executive Committee for ANACEV (see picture below).  These ladies desire for 1,000 evangelical teachers to be trained and certified in the next two years.  Wouldn’t that be great?  Think of the impact this would have upon the children and youth in Venezuela.

As you have probably heard, most Venezuelans are suffering economically – and it is extremely difficult for many of them to pay for their courses.  To get more Christian teachers trained we are offering a special “3x2” promotion, whereby students pay for two courses and receive the third one free (a 33% discount).



Mariette de Sánchez and members of the ANECEV’s Executive Committee


Would you please consider helping us provide a subsidy for these “world changers”?  Like other Christian colleges, actual program costs always exceed tuition and fees, and that’s why we need your help today.  I would like to be able to inform Mariette Sanchez that she can offer the promotion of “3 for 2” to at least 100 new teachers this fall.  We also have ongoing needs to put some of our courses online.


Thanks for your help in transforming lives!  Please make checks payable to “FLET.”

Your continued prayer support means so much.


Yours for His glory,




Larry McCullough